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Surname, First name Title PhD Project
Albery, Henry Dr.des.  Between Two Empires: Institutions, Individuals and Practices of the North and Northwest Indic Buddhism, 1st century BCE-3rd century CE
Barchi, Francesco Dr. des.  Chinese Buddhist Texts and Historical Syntax: Passive Sentences in Sutra Translations
Burghart, Christoph Dr.phil.  Leben und Werk des 17. Thronhalters der ’Bri-gung bka’-brgyud-Tradition Rin-chen phun-tshogs (1509–1557) unter besonderer Berücksichtigung seines Schatzzyklus Dam chos dgongs pa yang zab.
Caumanns, Volker Dr.phil.  The Mahapandita of the gSer-mdog-can Monastery: Life and Work of the Sa-skya Master Shakya-mchog-ldan(1428-1507)
Chien, Juen Dr. des.  The Mind and Mental Factors According to the Cheng Weishi Lun (成唯識論): An Approach to Buddhist Therapeutic Soteriology
Choi, Jinkyoung Dr.des.  Three Sūtras from the Gilgit Dīrghāgama Manuscript
Choi, Seongho M.A. The Buddhist Doctrine of Designations-only (prajñaptimātra) - A Survey of the Origins and Development of this Doctrine up to Sthiramati
de Brux, Hélène Dr. des.  Conversion Narratives of the Mūlasarvāstivāda-Vinaya: A Reflection on the Definition of Conversion in Indian Buddhism
DiSimone, Charles Dr. phil.  Faith In The Teacher: The Prāsādika And Prasādanīya Sūtras From The (Mūla-)Sarvāstivāda Dīrghāgama Manuscript
Erschbamer, Marlene Dr.phil.  The 'Ba'-ra-ba bKa'-brgyud-pa: Historical and Contemporary Studies
Garatti, Emanuela Dr. When Powers Meet. A Study of the Representation of Official Encounters in Sino-Tibetan Diplomacy Between 7th and 9th Centuries
Kinadeter, Michael Dr. des. The reception of Jizang's Commentary to the Twelve Gates Treatise (T1825) in medieval Japan. A Comparative Study of Buddhist manuscripts
Konczak-Nagel, Ines Dr.phil.  Praṇidhi Depictions of the Northern Silk-Road: The Motif of the Prophecy of Śākyamunis Buddhahood in the Paintings of Xinjiang
Lamminger, Navina Dr.phil.  The 6th Zhva dmar pa Chos kyi dbang phyug (1584–1630) and the Account of his Journey in the years of 1629/1630: Critical Study, Edition and Translation
Martini, Kelsey Dr. des. 
Meng, Yu Dr.des.  An investigation on the Vyāghrī-Legend
Olalde, Liudmila Dr.des. Vier Lehrreden aus der Langen Sammlung (Dīrghāgama) and it was handed in in March 2019.
Operetto, Serena M.A. The Reception of Genshin and his Ichijō yōketsu in Japanese Medieval Buddhism: An Intertextual Analysis
Schweigkofler, Markus Dr.phil.  The Soka Gakkai in Germany
Sharygin, Gleb M.A. The Māyājāla-sūtra – a unique text of Early Buddhist Sanskrit Canon. Edition, translation and study
Sirisawad, Natchapol Dr. phil. The Mahāprātihāryasūtra in the Gilgit Manuscripts: A Critical Edition, Translation and Textual Analysis
Solmsdorf, Nikolai Dr.phil.  Treasure-Traditions of Western Tibet. Rig-'dzin Gar-dbang rdo-rje snying-po (1640–1685) and His Activities in Mang-yul Gung-thang
Walther, Marco Dr.phil.  Leben und Lehren des Gling-ras-pa Padma rdo-rje (1128-1188), Yogin in den Traditionen von Ras-chung-pa und sGam-po-pa
Würthner, Isabella M.A. Women’s health care in Tibetan medical literature
Xi, Minna Dr. phil.  Individuum und Religiosität im Wandel von elitärer Monarchie zur Moderne der Massen. Eine Untersuchung über den chinesischen Reines-Land-Buddhismus Yinguangs (1862-1940) im Hinblick auf die Säkularisierungstheorie
Zhao, Wen Dr.des.