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You can find here a selection of courses offered by our related disciplines that are or might be of interest to our doctoral candidates. Courses of Buddhist source languages are not included in the lists. There may be other courses in which individual doctoral candidates might be interested, depending on their interests. Please also check the university calendar (Vorlesungsverzeichnis, LSF) yourself, especially for all affiliated institutes (or study courses): Indologie und Tibetologie, Sinologie, Japan Zentrum/Japanologie (all at the Department for Asian Studies, Fakultät 12), as well as Religionswissenschaft (Study of Religion) and Religionsphilosophie (Fakultät 10). The institutes of Indologie und Tibetologie and Religionswissenschaft have an overview of their courses (a timetable as a pdf file), which they usually update by the start of the semester, on their homepages.

Link to the LSF

Link to the timetable of Study of Religion

Link to the timetable of Indologie und Tibetology