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International Conferences/Workshops

  • July 10-11, 2023: "Early Tibetan Religious Networks: New Perspectives on the phyi dar" with Prof. Dr. Marta Sernesi (École Pratique des Hautes Études, LMU Munich) and Prof. Dr. Ulrike Rössler (University of Oxford). (Program)
  • October 22-23, 2021: "Buddhism and Language - A Twofold Perspective: The Role of Language in Buddhist Teachings and the Role of Buddhist Sources in Linguistic Research" with Prof. Dr. Christoph Anderl (University of Ghent) and Prof. Dr. Steffen Döll (University of Hamburg). (Program, Call for Papers)
  • October 9-13, 2019: "Summer School for Buddhist Philosophy" with keynote addresses by Prof. Harunaga Isaacson (University of Hamburg), Prof. Jowita Kramer (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich) and Prof. Klaus-Dieter Mathes (University of Vienna). (Program)
  • June 15-16, 2018: "Layers of Interpretation - Commentarial Practices Throughout Buddhist Textual Traditions" with keynote addresses by Prof. Rupert Gethin (University of Bristol) and Prof. Alexander Mayer (University of Illinois). (Program, Call for Papers)
  • March 24-25, 2017: "Evolving through Context: The Transformation of Buddhism(s) and their Legitimation(s)" with keynote lectures by Prof. Dr. Peter Schwieger (Bonn) and Prof. Dr. Stefano Zacchetti (Oxford) (Program, Call for Papers)
  • October 29-30, 2016: "IIGRS - International Indology Graduate Research Symposium 8" (Program)
  • September 12-13, 2016: "Truth and Meaning in Buddhism" (Program)
  • June 27-29, 2016: "Current Research into Buddhist Texts and Traditions: 3rd LMU UCB Buddhist Studies Workshop" (Program)
  • June 19-20, 2015: "Yogācāra Buddhism in Context – Approaches to Yogācāra Philosophy Throughout Ages and Cultures" with keynote lectures by Prof. Dr. Lambert Schmithausen (Hamburg) and Prof. Dr. Nobuyoshi Yamabe (Waseda-University, Tokyo) (Program, Call for Papers)
  • May 12-13, 2015: "Kucha on the Silk Road" (Program)
  • September 13-15, 2013: "Reading Outside the Lines - A Workshop on the Intersection of Buddhist Art and Texts" with a keynote lecture by Dr. Christian Luczanits (SOAS, London) (Program, Call for Papers)
  • May 16–18, 2012: "Texts and beyond – New issues from Buddhist Studies". In cooperation with the Center for Buddhist Studies, University of Berkeley (Program)
  • January 27-29, 2011: "Approaches to the Occident: Western Perspectives on Buddhism" with keynote lectures by Georges Dreyfus (Williams College) and Prof. Dr. Birgit Kellner (Heidelberg) (Program, Call for Papers)
  • May 26-28, 2010: "Reading Practices in Buddhist Cultures". In cooperation with the Center for Buddhist Studies, University of Berkeley.