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Minhui Tou, M.A.

PhD student at the Doctoral Program in Buddhist Studies


Minhui Tou received her M.A. degree from National Taiwan Normal University (2016). Her thesis was on Kuiji’s commentary on the “Vimalakīrti –nirdeśa”. Kuiji tried to define the “Vimalakīrti –nirdeśa” as Yogācāra Buddhism in order to strengthen his school of thought at that time.

Minhui’s dissertation project focuses on the “Seeds” theory in the Yogācāra School.
Focusing one the “Triṃśikā-kārikā”, she is investigating the differences in the “Seeds” theory in Sthiramati and Dharmapāla in order to illuminate Sthiramati’s influence on the interpretation of the “Seeds” and examine how it changed compared to the “middle” Yogācāra School.