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Gleb Sharygin, M.A.

PhD student at the Doctoral Program in Buddhist Studies


Gleb Sharygin studied philosophy, religious studies, psychology of religion and Ancient Indian languages at Moscow State University (MA, Religious Studies, “Psychological approach to Ancient Indian Religious practices”) and the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow). He has published papers and given talks on the problems of the study of Ancient Buddhist Canonical literature and the understanding of its key terms and concepts. He is interested in the world of thought of Early Buddhism and research into Ancient Indian contemplative practices and their development both in terms of the techniques and procedures and the linguistic structures, such as formulas, “building blocks” and elements of diction and narrative, used to convey them. His research includes the interaction and interplay of language, practice and theory that inform and shape the Buddhist practice and its concepts. He is currently working on the Gilgit Dīrgha-āgama texts for his PhD thesis “The Māyājāla-sūtra – a unique text of Early Buddhist Sanskrit Canon. Edition, translation and study”.