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Serena Operetto, M.A.

PhD student at the Doctoral Program in Buddhist Studies


“A research focused on Genshin’s Ichijō yōketsu, its influence on Japanese Medieval Buddhism and its place in the monastic milieu”

Her aim for the doctoral project in Japanese Buddhist studies is to conduct research on the monk Genshin’s (源信 942-1017) Ichijō yōketsu 一乗要決. The project focuses on how this treatise was received in the Japanese medieval monastic milieu and how it affected later schools of Buddhism founded during the Kamakura period (1185-1333). In particular, the research is centered on the relationships between Genshin and Nichiren (日蓮1222-1282) and Genshin and the founders of the Pure Land and True Pure Land schools, namely,Hōnen (法然 1133-1212) and Shinran (親鸞 1173-1263).