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Michael Kinadeter, M.A.

PhD student at the Doctoral Program in Buddhist Studies


"On the transmission and commentary tradition of Sanlun scriptures from China to Japan in the early Kamakura period, focusing on commentaries to the ‘12 Gates Treatise’ (T 1825 and T 2257)"

Michael Kinadeter received his M.A. in Japanese Studies from the LMU. His research focuses on East Asian religions (especially Shinto and Buddhism) and Japanese history. His final thesis was a complex analysis of a Chinese primary source dating back to the fourth century, the Shukke Kudoku Kyō 出家功徳經 (T 707). The thesis contained a critical translation and interpretation of the Sutra using a linguistic-hermeneutical approach and a philosophical analysis of the underlining concept of merit.

His current dissertation project in the Doctoral Program in Buddhist Studies deals with the transmission and commentary tradition of Sanron scriptures in the early Kamakura period. The specific philosophical core issues will be analyzed with the help of the commentaries on the central Madhyamika and Sanlun scripture Jūni Mon Ron 十二門論 (T 1568), with a focus on the
commentary tradition in China (T 1825) and Japan (T 2257). A variety of different sources from other scholars and monks from the 14th century in Japan open up a broader perspective on the reception of the 12 gates treatise.

Mr. Kinadeter has been working for the Japan Center since 2010 and for the Doctoral Program in Buddhist Studies since 2015.